Hello everyone! Greetings to you.  My name is Shelley and I am nearly 41.  I have always loved to write but not professional, so do not be dissapointed if you find mistakes or randomness.  I have had a hard life. I was born and raised in Florida.   I spent my childhood in  and out of  Foster homes and dealt with a lot of heartbreak growing up.. none of which I will share on here unless the mood strikes me.  I have always used writing as my way of dealing with things in my life and it has in some way been therapeutic for me.  Recently after years and years ( 20 to be exact ) I was diagnosed with a disorder called ” Lipedema” and also with “Lymphedema”. For many years I watched as my body and my health spiraled out of control and to my dismay I could never get answers from the doctors.  I had been diagnosed with many things including Lupus and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and even with those diagnosed diseases none of them hit me as hard as this one.  I guess we can say that most of that is due to how I have been treated for many years and mocked and ridiculed for my size, that I had tried for so many years to fit it to society , tired of being judged… add that with the fact that Lipedema is not curable, no exercise or diet will cure it.. and insurance companies do not recognize it.. well that left me crushed.  So I did what I have always done. I wrote, I still write and now I am sharing with you. If this reaches just one person and helps them, if it creates awareness… then I am accomplishing something.  Please feel free to write me, comment and share.   Thank you for reading and stopping in !


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  1. Hello-
    Thank you for sharing your story. I just learned about this disorder a week ago. I’ve called around to many doctors here in South Florida and I cannot find anybody who is familiar with it. I saw that you are from Florida. If you could possibly give me a reference to the medical professional that diagnosed you and knows about this disease knows about this disease it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.


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