Miss Piggy

When I was a little girl, about 5 or so I lived with my family in a small town. We lived in in the middle of a orange grove in a single wide trailer.  My fondest memories are from those days and not because things were great for us, but because we had so many animals that it was truly our own little farm. We had Tom the Turkey who was the meanest turkey ever. We had a goat, chickens, cats, dogs and then there was Miss Piggy.  Miss Piggy was my favorite pet.  She had a personality that to this day has stuck with me. She was cranky when she didn’t get her way. She was affectionate to those who loved her and showed her love. She was just like us kids.  If we got snacks, well Miss Piggy wanted a snack too.  If we went for a walk, Miss Piggy went for a walk too. She protected us kids. She would walk with us each and every morning to see us get on the bus and when we came home from school she was there waiting. Miss Piggy loved us unconditionally and that PIG was family!

Eventually Miss Piggy was no longer with us and that was probably one of the things that hurt me as a child…. not having that pig around. She was my co pilot in all things.  If I did cartwheels she would squeal in delight. If I ran she wasn’t far behind. If I was sad , she sat by quietly and would watch me and sometimes she even came and cuddled close to me. This Pig was a giant. She was large and she was red with black spots. Sometimes I could  ride on her back and hold on for dear life because she loved having us on her. She teased my mom by throwing temper tantrums, she would root in my moms flower beds and gardens. If there was danger nearby, such as panthers or stray dogs she was our alarm and protector.  Miss Piggy was and still is one of the best things of my childhood memories.

I have thought often of my childhood and my teenage years lately. I am puzzled as to why we don’t have handbooks that warn us of  the dangers of hormones.  Now days chickens are injected with things that some scientist believe makes our young girls grow faster, and perhaps have larger chests than that of my youth. We are all warned not to smoke, but in my childhood there were advertisements of cigarettes on TV and in magazines.  We are warned to eat healthy to reduce risks of heart attacks and diabetes.  If hormones have such an impact on 11% of women, that it makes us severely obese and disabled….where are the warnings?  My hormones have never been NORMAL from the very start of puberty.  So the doctors in turn give me a pill to take that now has caused me to be nearly handicapped at 41.  All the doctors I have visited and not one of them could link hormones to my issues. I just can’t believe that there are very few doctors out there that can see the pattern when it affects so many women.

Sometimes I wish that I could go back to those days of running in the fields with Miss Piggy and Tom The Turkey, I wish I could tell that little girl to keep running, keep doing those cartwheels… stay active. Forget about those hormone shots because they wont help you. I wish that I could have been myself more instead of being what society was trying to make me be… I would love myself more back then, and quit listening to all the people who constantly was telling me I was fat, when in fact I was nowhere near fat back then. As I write this I am awaiting a email from a doctor in Germany who will understand exactly how I feel and he will give me hope again. I know that I can’t go back to my childhood, but if I could I would just slow down and be patient with myself a whole lot more. I would enjoy those moments a little longer, and I would speak up a little louder so that my doctors would listen a little better.

I sure miss that PIG!!! Til next time!


Maybe I can talk my fiancee in to getting me a cute little Miss Piggy 2 down the road…. a girl can only hope 🙂



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