You don’t know me.  I could be, I would be your friend.

But instead you make me sad because I see your smirks  and grins.

How can you judge so easily, If you could just open your eyes and see,

I am a woman, a mother, a friend a sister and ” I love me”.

Some days my pain is horrible, I can not walk that far…

it is no easy feat just to make it to my car.

You don’t know me as you follow me through the store,

to take my picture from behind, to you it’s a score.

Let’s post it on Facebook, let’s say something mean…

You don’t know me as I see what you are doing…

inside I only scream.

You don’t know me, when I hide from folks like you,

I often try to hide, it’s all that I can do.

I hear the laughs, I see the looks… from kids and adults alike,

I pray to myself that I don’t lose it and decide to fight.

You don’t know me when I cry from the pain, or when your words hit me deep…

You don’t know when the pain won’t let me sleep.

I see you.  I lock eyes with you to call you out on being lame,

but you don’t care because you think it’s funny and to you it is a game.

Let’s snap a picture for all our friends to see, look at this fat lady she is so wide…

Have you ever seen hips like that?, again I try to hide…..

You don’t know me. My disorder is real. I can’t help the way I look and feel.

You don’t know me.. all your childish ways, not raised  with compassion for others,

For you I will Pray.  I am sad for your Mothers.

God made me this way, his love is never ending..

and as I don’t know you… I am forever mending the pain that you have caused me

I turn my head and look the other way,  You don’t matter and I thank God I woke up today!


Shelley R. Sunshine





3 thoughts on “YOU DON’T KNOW ME

  1. I feel bad inside for what your living threw. You truly are a wonderful beautiful woman! The ignorance of people who judge others for what ever the reason may be , makes them ugly!!! Those kind of people do not know God the way we do, because if they did they would NOT say or do those hurtful things!!
    Congratulation on your future wedding. With all your going through and been through YOU deserve happiness Shelley 🙂


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