Every Story Starts Somewhere!


When I was a young girl I was very petite. I didn’t have worries about what I was eating or if I looked like the girls in the magazines. I was skinny and everyone made sure I knew it. I remember hearing comments about how skinny I was and everyone told me I was always going to be skinny because I was just that active. Out in the yard, I would do hundreds of cartwheels just because I could. I ran, I walked , I would go swimming… I rode bikes, I climbed trees and my body got beat up because I never ever slowed down.

Through out my childhood I remained pretty skinny.


Then puberty hit me. I stayed rather slender but I started noticing changes. I noticed my thighs were getting wider. My bottom was bigger and my legs were larger. I guess back then I really didn’t notice it so much, but I remember family saying things.. ” you’re getting a booty girl” ! It was true, but at that age I was more about boys, school, friends… not that my booty was getting bigger. I was a teenager, things change when you hit puberty.. right?


By the age of 15 I could honestly say that I had a wider spread. I didn’t worry to much about it and I was still very active. My cycles were never really normal and I went on BC pills to try to regulate my hormones. This was off and on for the next few years.



Over the years it was more and noticeable, But I just believed it was me going from a girl and becoming a woman.  I still continued to stay active and also noticed that even with the birth control my hormones were really out of whack. I was taking them to regulate my cycles and yet I was still having problems. Over those years things just really started changing with my body and everyone was taking notice. I must have been a size 14 and even then it was considered fat. FAT?? Really?


By now it was apparent that my bottom side was larger than my topside. I started dieting, tried working out… honestly I was still very active. I didn’t slow down much. I lived in a small town . I rode my bicycle everywhere. I still didn’t realize what was to come in my future and looking back I really wish I did. Maybe this Blog will help some girls and some ladies out there. So this begins a journey of nearly twenty years of depression, yo-yo dieting, sadness… self hatred .. then to discoveries, starting over, learning to accept myself and learning to love myself all over again. Stay tuned for tomorrows blog, I have lots to share.



One thought on “Every Story Starts Somewhere!

  1. Shelley I don’t give a damn what people may think of your bottom. You are a very nice person. When I first met you I didn’t think you liked me by the looks you give me, but one night something happened in yours and Johnny’s journey together and you put your arms around me and cried on my shoulder at that moment I felt your sadness, your hurt, your pain. I’m glad you came up and grabbed me, I’m glad it was me that got to place my arms around you that night and tell you everything will be ok. I’m tearing up now thinking of your journey. Growing up I got picked on and put down. Some were kids at school has my dad wasn’t rich, sometimes it was family members because I had my mom’s side to spend money in me and do things with me….then I had my step mom. I didn’t have a great childhood. I was told I was ugly, I couldn’t sing (guess that’s why I only sing when I’m at the ozone) I would never have kids or get married. Well I have 3 boys and on my second marriage. People condemn others because they know nothing of the others feelings. They need to get to know the person instead of what they see.

    I have an aunt that had a lady with down syndrome live with her when I was around 7-10. To start with me being a kid I would mess with her. Just to see her mad. Then one day I went in and saw her crying. That day she talked to a 10 year old as if I was her age 50 something. Everyone said she had a child’s mentality, but I know different, I lived for the days I could go to work with my step dad and have her try and teach me to knit pot holders (although I never learned) it was important to give her a friend, I had a friend.

    With that being said I am your friend and through whatever, I’m here with you. Shelley. ♡ you


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